Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Toot Toot! All aboard the Newbie Express!

As I've said before, I'm a newbie to this blog thing. But now there's proof here if you look at #36 of the twice owned links at the bottom you will see my awesome bookcase picture with the name "Pam" below it. Yes folks (are there any folks here? Hello? Anyone there? insert sounds of crickets chirping...), many of the other linkers put cute-sy little titles like Rockin' Rocker or Oh, happy chair! but not me, no sir. It says "name" so that's exactly what I put!

Like I've said before, I'm learning. Slowly.

If you read my first post you'll know something I've grappled with is my attention span. Most of my school report cards addressed my problems with this. My bedroom was a disaster as a kid. I could never stick with anything to the end. I'd just lose interest and quit. My brain is just wired differently than most people's I guess.

Even as an adult I cannot just be like Kate or John and Sherry and just get stuff done. Nope, that's not my way. I have to have 10 (or 20) different things going on. I'm like that juggling guy you might see at the circus. They keep throwing more stuff for him to juggle until he's got so much going around it's all a blur. 

My husband likes to randomly tease me by interjecting "I like purple" as an example of how quickly I can get distracted by something. Isn't that mean? 

So when I came across this yesterday I knew it was made with me in mind. Especially because I love squirrels.

But I'm trying, oh so hard to finish stuff, it just takes me so long. I'm trying to have patience with myself and be kind because I end up beating myself up over things. I'm hoping this blog will help me along. If there is anybody out there, please come back and see what I've done!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Wow! Where have I been?

Finally, just before the holidays I switched jobs. No more driving mega miles for me! I now work based out of an office 10 minutes from my house.

Cue peppy music and happy dance!

In all seriousness, it has given me new life: my hyper-stress level is virtually non-existent, the daily anxiety is gone. I actually have time to clean our house, cook real meals (as opposed to a myriad of fast food) AND get started working on my little projects. The downside is my income has seriously gone down, but for now it's still SO worth it.

I've been scouring our local thrift stores for interesting things to re-do and not spend a ton of money in my spare time. And finally I've actually finished something!

This little bookshelf was $4.00 at our Goodwill. It's homemade and was pretty darn beat up with a hideous brown paint which I'm guessing was an oil based enamel because it was so shiny and hard, it didn't even want to be sanded!

But now, a little paint in the color Creamy made it much prettier!

I got the brilliant idea to put fabric on the back to brighten it up and also to cover the hole at the bottom (the little dark spot that shows). I decided to use Mod Podge to adhere it to the back. I spent over an hour cutting the fabric to fit exactly but what I didn't consider was that the fabric would shrink when it got moist from the Mod Podge. I'm learning as I go, I guess. Note to self: preshrink fabric...

So anyway, making lemonaid out of lemons, I found a bright orange trim to cover the gap and I'm loving the look! Here's she is, all trimmed up though I must say the trim is not dayglow like it looks in the picture:

Can't wait for the garage sale season to begin!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Owl re-do

As I was browsing my local Goodwill store I found this little Home Interiors ceramic owl for 99 cents. Isn't he cute? Looks so real, eh? (up here in the north, we say "eh" a lot-we're close to Canada, you know) 

But seeing as how it's not 1980 any more, I gave this little guy a makeover, aka, there's nothing a little Krylon Gloss White spray paint can't fix. 

Dreary, dingy browns away!

Shiny, bright white, come to me (insert magic wand sound)! 

Doesn't he just look majestic now? 

My First Post!

I wonder how many times that title has been used?

I've been playing around with the idea of a blog since last year. First I thought it would be something about my dogs, of which I have three, hence the current url here on Blogger. I keep trying to tell my kids that someday when I'm old, I'll probably be a crazy, dog collecting lady. But in all seriousness, I have two Shih Tzus; ask any Shih Tzu rescuer, they are like potato chips: you can't only have one. My third dog is a rescued Lhasa Apso which I never intended to have, but thanks to my daughter, he's mine now. So much for more Shih Tzus!

Next, I went to the idea of something to do with food, but realized there was no way for me to measure up there. I mean, have you looked at some of the Foodies blogs? My gosh, what they cook! I'm salivating at pretty much all of it!

I finally decided on home re-do mainly because it's become a passion as well as a challenge AND a distraction. And it won't get me fatter!

So, perhaps you're wondering, does she have ADD? I will admit, that's a distinct possibility.

But in all seriousness, truth be told, I work many hours a week at a highly stressful job. Taking care of sick people is hard work. Throw in the fact that I usually drive at least 200 miles a day while doing it, at times it's insurmountable.

As an escape, I have turned to design blogs. In a sense, they have saved me in so many ways over the last few months.

I've been so inspired by many of the blogs I read on a mostly daily basis regularly. Totally amazed by some of the things I have seen self-taught men and women do with their own imaginations and a little ingenuity thrown in. I've probably filled up my daughter's inbox with so many links to before and afters. Amazing!

The end result is little old me playing this whole game myself. Mostly to have a record of my efforts, but also to share the thrill of the hunt and the joy (or defeat, but hopefully joy) of the end result, which, let's face it, is a big part of the deal.

To sum it up: finding a $10 chair and making it fabulous with some elbow grease, time, and a few dollars? Priceless.

If you happen to find my blog, please know you will be seeing the baby steps of a blogging virgin. Please don't be surprised at the bumbling and stumbling as I blindly find my way thru the learning curve of the blogging road.

I think I'm ready for the ride!