Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Toot Toot! All aboard the Newbie Express!

As I've said before, I'm a newbie to this blog thing. But now there's proof here if you look at #36 of the twice owned links at the bottom you will see my awesome bookcase picture with the name "Pam" below it. Yes folks (are there any folks here? Hello? Anyone there? insert sounds of crickets chirping...), many of the other linkers put cute-sy little titles like Rockin' Rocker or Oh, happy chair! but not me, no sir. It says "name" so that's exactly what I put!

Like I've said before, I'm learning. Slowly.

If you read my first post you'll know something I've grappled with is my attention span. Most of my school report cards addressed my problems with this. My bedroom was a disaster as a kid. I could never stick with anything to the end. I'd just lose interest and quit. My brain is just wired differently than most people's I guess.

Even as an adult I cannot just be like Kate or John and Sherry and just get stuff done. Nope, that's not my way. I have to have 10 (or 20) different things going on. I'm like that juggling guy you might see at the circus. They keep throwing more stuff for him to juggle until he's got so much going around it's all a blur. 

My husband likes to randomly tease me by interjecting "I like purple" as an example of how quickly I can get distracted by something. Isn't that mean? 

So when I came across this yesterday I knew it was made with me in mind. Especially because I love squirrels.

But I'm trying, oh so hard to finish stuff, it just takes me so long. I'm trying to have patience with myself and be kind because I end up beating myself up over things. I'm hoping this blog will help me along. If there is anybody out there, please come back and see what I've done!